How do you get the Affordable Web package

We believe web design should be available to everyone at an affordable price, that's why we DON'T limit what we offer.

All for £149 per year?

Step 1

Contact us

We can call you any time Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm to discuss your web design

Step 2

We talk

We’ll get all of your business information from you during this call/meeting and you can email us anything else you want included.

Step 3

We build

We’ll get to work on your website design and contact you for approval.

Step 4

We publish

We make any necessary alterations and publish within the week.

Quality web design without the price tag.
Simple, fast & hassle-free.


    or CALL 07846 992 647

    What's the catch?

    There is no catch.

    Sometimes what you see really is what you get. We can offer such competitive prices because we use a software which allows us to make the sites quickly and we host all of the sites on our servers so we are in control of those costs too.

    No hidden costs, no start-up fees, just one simple annual The Affordable Web Company package payment.

    How long does it take?

    It usually takes one week from start to finish. This time can be dependent on how much time you have to get back to us to confirm you are happy to publish, but a week is the average turnaround time.

    How much is it to renew my site?

    From £149 annually and then depends on what extras you needed.

    The figure never changes. This fee will continue all of your website hosting, email services, your personal account, full admin support and unlimited changes facility.

    At under £5 a week, it’s an affordable fee for complete peace of mind.

    Do I have to pay start-up costs?

    No. You only pay your first £149 annual subscription and nothing else. No hidden fees, no surprises.

    What if I don't want to renew?

    No problem. You simply need to notify us.

    What if I want to make a change?

    You can ask us to change the content as many times as you like. It’s all part of your package. We do have a fair use policy which can be viewed here, but we’ve never had to call it in if that reassures you.

    You can also purchase an Extra that will allow YOU to edit your website.

    Is the website mine or yours?

    Absolutely yours. We will give you what you need if you decide to move on or close your business for any reason. What we can’t do is give you the whole website as it will have been built on our software but the materials are all yours to rebuild elsewhere if you want.
    We take the hassle out of getting your business online, but more importantly, we get your business online affordablely.

    Your customers and your potential customers are all online looking for businesses like yours, so don't let them find your competitors.
    Give your business a Affordable Website today!

    ALL for £149 per Year

    We are a team of talented and experienced design professionals. We are commited to bringing you the very best in web design, functionality and service ALL AT AFFORDABLE PRICES.